PalCheck PC App

With our apps you can customize check-in sounds and pop-ups that are more noticeable than text or email check-ins.
There is no charge to install the desktop app on a Windows PC.

Download PC app installer Beta V 0.9

The PC app will pop up on your computer screen, with a sound of your choice, at your check-in time.
One of the strengths of the app is that you can set a quiet sound, or no sound for your initial check-in; then, if you miss your check-in, the app can sound a loud siren (optional) 30 minutes later.
If you are acting as a Palguard for someone else, you may receive alerts about them, which will be delivered with a loud siren sound.

You only need to check in in one location (any of the apps, email, text message, or on the website).