Palcheck Premium

If you are only acting as a PalGuard**, do not order PalCheck Premium - your Pal* must add it to their account.

Comparison chart:

Check-in schedule: Once a Day, at any time; same time each day Up to 24 times a day, with optional different schedules each day of the week
Number of PalGuards** each Pal* can have:
Why more than 1?
Up to 2 Up to 10
How quickly alerts are sent after Pal misses a check-in:
Who sets this?
1 or 3 hours Anywhere between
5 minutes and 24 hours
Text Message Check-ins
How does this work?
Yes Yes
Alert location Yes
(coming soon)
(coming soon)
Map of phone movements
over the last few hours
No Yes
(coming soon)
To sign up for premium, first sign up for a free account, then add premium from your Dashboard.

* Pal: receives check-ins. Premium options are only for a Pal.
**Palguard: receives alerts if their Pal doesn't check in.

*** Coming soon - but free trial premium accounts are available from your dashboard, after you sign up. No credit card required.