Q: How does PalCheck work?
A: PalCheck checks in on you or your Pal once a day (or more, with a premium account), through your computer or phone, to see if you're okay. If, for any reason, the Pal is unable to answer, PalCheck politely informs the PalGuards that they should check in on the Pal.
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Q: Do I have to remember to check in with PalCheck?
A: NO. PalCheck's main feature is that it comes looking for you, on your computer or cell phone. As long as you're connected, PalCheck can find you (but if you do disconnect for the day, please remember to log-in and click on "Check in for the day").
Q: What actually happens during a check-in?
A: You will get an email or a text message with a link that you can click to check in.
If you are using one of our apps, screens like this will pop up on your device:
Q: Do I have to install a PalCheck app to have an account?
A: No, you may receive check-ins or alerts via text or email.
Q: What are the definitions of:

A: Someone who looks after a Pal and receives alerts if ever a Pal doesn't respond to check-ins, after repeated attempts.
A: Someone who you look after via PalCheck.
Q: If I am acting as someone's PalGuard, can I see when they last successfully answered a PalCheck-in?
A: Yes - you may see their info in your "my pals" page.
Q: How come I don't see an option to get a message every time my Pal checks in?
A: Palcheck is designed to be a silent service, for the guardians of Palcheck members (Palguards). If we sent you a message every time your Pal checked in, we worry that you might not notice when an important alert came telling you they did NOT check in. You can always check your Pal's check-in history from your dashboard.
Q: What is the difference between PalCheck free and PalCheck Premium?
A: PalCheck Premium offers more flexible alert times, additional backup PalGuards, and much more.
Q: What should I do if I get an alert saying my Pal has missed check-ins?
A: Do not panic or call the police. Try calling your Pal, texting, emailing, etc.. If there's no answer then try to check their home, or get in touch with their other PalGuards.
Q: Can I contact other PalGuards to gather information about a particular alert?
A: Yes, if you receive an alert, it will contain contact info for your Pal's other Palguards.
Q: When should I call the police?
A: In the U.S., generally only after 24 hours of a person confirmed being missing, or sooner if there's evidence of violence or of an unusual absence.
Q: Can PalCheck save lives?
A: It is possible that PalCheck can help save lives, but it makes no claims to do so.
Q: What if I can't gain access to my Pal's home and it's before the 24-hour limit to call the police?
A: You must try to gain access legally to their home. All PalCheck members should leave at least one spare key with a PalGuard.
Q: Can PalCheck help if the worst happens?
A: Yes, PalCheck can also help you prepare for the inevitable, by alerting people much earlier than they normally would have noticed that you were missing; thereby helping to save pets and take care of other important matters quickly.
Q: What happens if I miss a check in?
Q: What happens when I send someone a request to be my Pal or PalGuardt?
Q: What happens when one of my PalGuards receives an alert?
Q: What do I do if I am acting as a PalGuard for someone, and I know for certain they are temporarily (or permanently) incapacitated?
A: When you receive an alert, you can cancel a Pal's future check-ins (for a day, a week, indefinitely). Your Pal's other Palguards will receive a notification with your explanation why you have canceled check-ins.
Q: Can someone with Alzheimer's or memory impairment use PalCheck?
A: Yes. With one of our apps installed, you can set it up so they will hear a loud sound at check-in time, then all they have to do is press the green button. If they don't check in for any reason, their PalGuards will be alerted to check on them. If they don't remember if they checked in they can always check in again.
Also, it's easy to assist someone who may need help in signing up, as long as they have email and web access.
Q: Why does your system log the user out after 15 minutes?
A: We don't want to give unauthorized individuals access to your account, or the ability to check in for you or to cancel your check-ins.
Q: What's up with you guys sometimes using "check-in" and sometimes using "check in"?
A: Check-in is the noun; check in is the verb.
Q: Palcheck is annoying. How do I delete my account?
A: We hope that first you'll try emailing help@palcheck.com to see if we can do anything to help.
Also, you can always just click "disable my check-ins" on your dashboard, which is basically the same thing as turning off your account.
But - there is a button to completely delete your account, from your dashboard, click "edit" in the "My Account" box.