PalCheck Walkthroughs

Using Palcheck as a Pal - Walkthrough

1) Your Dashboard
2) Setting daily check-ins
3) Setting a one-time check-in
4) Setting Notifications
5) Checking in
6) Check in for the Day
7) Take a Vacation from using Palcheck
8) Disabling Check-ins
9) Adjusting Palguards
10) Premium Features


1) Your dashboard

Once you’ve signed up, everything you need is on your Dashboard.


Dashboard > My Settings: You can set your check-in times here, as well as how/when you'd like notifications to be delivered

You can also adjust your notification settings in this box, to set when you'd like your check-ins to come, and alerts to be sent;

2) Setting Daily Check-in Times
You set your daily check-in times by going to Dashboard > My Settings > My daily check-in times


You can always see when your next check-in is, at the top of your Dashboard and settings pages.


Or on an app, if you have one installed on your computer or mobile device



3) Setting a One-time Check-in

You can set Palcheck for a single check-in by going to Dashboard > My Settings > Set a one-time check-in


4) Notification Settings

This page sets up how check-ins will come to you.   You also can set if you want us to recheck on you if you don't respond, and how long we should wait. Here you also set how long it takes to alert your Palguards, if you don’t respond to check-ins or rechecks

Check in Settings:
You have the option of choosing email check-ins, and if you’ve set up your mobile number you can choose to get text check-ins.  

If you have a Palcheck app installed, you may choose not to receive a check-in email or text at all.  Even if you have an app installed, we recommend setting a “recheck” email or text, in case you don’t get the app check-in for any reason.  
Note that if you choose to receive check-ins on multiple devices, you only need to check in in one place.

You’ll have the option of receiving a recheck - sent if we don't receive your check-in response within a period of time (for free accounts, your recheck time can only be set to 15 minutes). Apps automatically recheck on you every 30 minutes.
Palcheck recommends that you set a recheck for a different device than your initial check-in. For instance, if you do not receive the check-in email for some reason, then a recheck can be sent via text message.


Alert Settings:
You can choose how long we will wait before sending an alert to your Main Palguard, in the event you don't respond to a check-in or recheck (for free users, the options are 1 hour or 3 hours).

Choosing how long to wait can be tricky. You don't want to wait too long in case something has happened, of course, but you also need to give yourself plenty of time to answer your check-ins; you don't want false alerts being constantly sent to your Palguards.

If your Main Palguard does not respond after a period of time (30 minutes or 1 hour for free users), additional alerts will be sent to your other Palguards, if you have them.

Personal Alert Message:
You can also enter a personal message that your Palguards will receive if you miss a check-in and alerts are sent.
This can contain personal information that you do not want to be sent unless you are missing; or it can contain phone numbers and contact information for your neighbors or others who might be able to look in on you more quickly than your Palguard could.

If you’d like to see what happens when an alert is sent to your Palguards, see Using Palcheck as a Palguard

Alerts sent to you:
If you’re also acting as a Palguard for someone else, you can decide if you want to receive text message alerts (you will always receive email alerts)

5) Checking In
Your check-ins can come via text, or email, or app, and you may also log in to the website on your own, to check in.


With one click you're checked in!

Text Message Check-ins:
If you receive check-ins or rechecks by text message, you can click the check-in link on your smartphone.

If you do not have a smartphone, the link will not work, but you can use text messaging as a reminder to log-in to our website and check-in online.


Multiple Device Check-in:
Remember that if you have check-ins set to come to you in more than one way, you only need to check in in one place.

Should you miss your check-in you can receive a recheck later (see Notification Settings, below). Palcheck recommends having your recheck come on a different device than your check-in, in case your original device was unable to receive the check-in.


If you don't respond to your check-in or recheck:
Your Main PalGuard will be alerted after a period of time you set (1 or 3 hours, if you are a free user) and if your main Palguard doesn't respond to the alert, any other PalGuards you have will be alerted after another period of time (half-hour). See Notification Settings below, for more information

If you miss a check-in, you must still go back and check in through text, email, website, or app, before your normal scheduled check-ins can continue. Your Palguards can also check in for you (see Using the Service as a Palguard), but someone must respond to Palcheck for your check-ins to continue.

6) Check In for the Day

If you know you will not be available at your check-in time today, use this button to cancel all check-ins for the rest of the day. Any other check-ins you have set will start coming again after midnight tonight.

To re-enable your check-ins for today, you can just change or add a check-in.

7) Take a Vacation from Palcheck (disable check-ins for a set period of time)

If you are going to be around people for a few days/weeks and won’t need us to check on you, you can temporarily stop check-ins from coming on the “Take a Vacation” page.


Here you can choose how long to suspend check-ins, with tomorrow counting as the first day. If you don't know when you will be able to get check-ins again, see "Disabling Check-ins" below.
If you are going away by yourself, we recommend that you continue to get Palcheck check-ins, and please keep your Palguards apprised of where you are.  If you are taking a trip with other people, then it’s probably safe to also “take a vacation from Palcheck”.

Note that Palguards cannot take vacations.  If you are a palguard but will not be nearby or be able to receive alerts, please inform your Pal.  Then if you are his Main Palguard, he can temporarily select another Palguard to get first alerts.

8) Disabling Check-ins

If you will be around other people a lot and won’t be needing check-ins for awhile, you can disable check-ins with this button.

If you know when you'll be able to check in again, you should "take a vacation" instead (see above), where you can set when you’d like check-ins to restart.

9) Adjusting Palguards

On your Dashboard you will see the names of your Palguards and which one is your Main Palguard (the one who will be alerted first, if you miss a check-in).

If you press "view complete Palguards info" (above), you can see additional info about your Palguards. Here you may also change your Main Palguard, and change the name of your Palguards (for instance, if you want to change "Mary Smith" to "Aunt Mary").



10) Premium

Note that if you are only acting as a Palguard for someone else, you should not apply for Palcheck premium.  Premium only adds addition features for Pals

You may go to our comparison chart, to see all the extra things you get for Premium vs. Free
for instance, additional check-ins each day, and additional options for how long to wait until your Palguards are alerted