PalCheck Walkthroughs

Using Palcheck as a Palguard - Walkthrough

1) Your dashboard


You can see who you’re protecting on the right side of Dashboard under “My Pals”.


If you click “View complete Pals info” on the page above,  you can see more information, including when a Pal last checked in.

You can also view your Pal's profile, which will tell you their contact information and other details, and their check-in history.

2) Alert settings

If you have confirmed your mobile phone number you can verify you’ll receive alerts about your Pal via text by going to
Dashboard>My Settings>Notification Settings. (If you have not confirmed a mobile phone yet, you may do so on Profile>edit).
You will always receive alerts by email and by app (if you have an app installed and running); this cannot be disabled.


3) Receiving Alerts

As a Palguard you must understand the basic concept “silence is golden”:
You will not receive any messages from PalCheck as long as your Pal keeps checking in (but you are free to log in and check their status at any time)

An alert will be sent if your Pal misses a check-in:


You can choose to either “Check On Your Pal” or “Check In Your Pal”.   

“Check on your Pal” will give you suggestions about how to find/contact your Pal.  It helps to keep calm and try every avenue you can to make contact, if you do not know their status.

If you find out the status of your Pal, but they aren’t currently able to check in, you can “Check in Your Pal” for the current check-in; or you can disable their check-ins until they log in to the website and check in again.  It is important to check in your Pal, and to enter to a reason you are doing so, because other Palguards will be notified why your Pal isn't checking in.