PalCheck Walkthroughs

Palguard Sign-up Walkthrough

Want to protect someone?  Become a PalGuard today and start watching over someone you care about.

(if you are answering an invitation to join from someone else, click the link in the email and you will go directly to step 3 below)

1) On our home page, just sign up with an email address that you use regularly.
You will be sent an email to confirm your email address; click the link in the email to continue the signup process.

confirmation registration image

2) After you confirm your email address, next you’ll be asked if you want to check on someone or if you want someone to check on you. Click on “I want to check on someone” and click next.

"I want to check on someone" image.

If you also want to be checked on yourself, you can set that up after completing registration, by inviting Palguards on your Dashboard.

3) You will set up your profile in Step 1 of the Sign-up Wizard.  Enter your gender and the timezone where you live.


4) On the same page, you may also enter your mobile number to receive text check-ins and alerts, also for FREE! This will increase your level of protection. Your phone number will only be used to text you check-ins and alerts, and will not be shared.


If you’ve entered a mobile phone number, a code will be texted to your phone when you click “next”.  On the next page, enter that code, to confirm that Palcheck is able to send text messages to you.

If you are not able to confirm the number, or don’t receive the code, you can send it again by going to Dashboard> Profile>Edit; you can also skip this step completely and add a phone number later on your edit profile page.


5) In Step 2 of the Wizard, enter the name of the person you want to protect, also known as your “Pal”. If someone has already added you as their Palguard (you received an invitation to protect them), you do not need to add them here.


Please also enter a personal message to them, which will be included in the invitation email.

Once you fill in all the boxes click “Add User” before clicking next.
(You may also add more Pals before clicking “next”, and you can always add more Pals later from your Dashboard)

6) If you have confirmed a mobile phone number, then you will move to step 3, to confirm if you want any alerts texted to you.  If you haven’t confirmed a phone number, you’re done!

Once you have finished signing up you can go to the Dashboard to add PalGuards, if you also want to be protected and become someone else’s “Pal”.  

If you become a Pal later, remember to check your notification settings, because you will get additional options for how you’d like to be checked on, and when alerts should be sent.

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